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Dinah Cross James


USA / California

Dinah Cross James

The colorful and luminous figurative and abstract expressionist paintings of American artist Dinah Cross James are laden with meaning and infused with great hope.

Residing in Napa Valley, California, Dinah often explores her inner world of abstract imagery inspired by her travels. A graduate of Mills College, for over 30 years Dinah's work is admired throughout the country in galleries, public and private collections, national magazine covers, and books. In the early stages of her career, she was a fashion illustrator in Oregon and has produced illustrations for Reader's Digest, Sunset Magazine and children's books.

Working primarily in oils on canvas, Cross James utilizes a variety of tools to move the paint around in new ways, including feathers, combs, and kitchen tools. Each image is thick with paint and vividly colorful, with a strong sense of composition that adds an intense emotional component to the overall effect.


74 x 60 inches
188 x 152.4 cm
44 x 54 inches
111.8 x 137.2 cm
31 x 36 inches
78.7 x 91.4 cm
27 x 54 inches
68.6 x 137.2cm
42 x 78 inches
106.7 x 198.1 cm
62 x 56 inches
157.5 x 142.2cm