Deanna Clayton



Deanna Clayton

"We carry our burdens and joys on the same skin, and so much is held in our daily wrappings … though the thread of our experiences weave our apparel, only we know the comforts of our entrapments."  Deanna Clayton

Deanna Clayton fell in love with glassblowing 26 years ago. She was introduced to a blowpipe and a furnace of molten glass right out of high school while earning her Associates in Fine Arts degree in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her work before finding glass was primarily drawing and printmaking, with an emphasis on representing the human form. 

Wanting to continue her education in glass and researching schools, Deanna chose Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, where the program taught by Henry Halem had produced some of the most successful glass artists working at the time. After two years at Kent State University, she moved to Champaign-Urbana, IL to attend the University of Illinois and finished her Bachelors Degree.

Deanna worked in central Illinois for ten years and then discovered beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, which is where she lives and works with her husband and three children. Deanna builds beautiful vessels created using the Pâte de Verre technique, a form of kiln casting, and translated means glass paste, enhanced by electroplated copper.

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